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Neti patra with Lid in Brass

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Neti patra with Lid in Brass - Big
Height: 3 Inches
Top Diameter: 1.9 Inches
Centre Diameter: 2.9 Inches
Base Diameter: 1.7 Inches
Weight: 253 gms

Product Name : Neti patra with Lid in Brass

Product Code : AP08

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Traditional Neti pot in graceful structure and made in heavy brass to be used for Jal Neti/Nasal irrigation.

Used since ages Neti pot helps effectively treat sinus, allergy, nasal congestion and headaches. Through Nasal irrigation, it clears the excess mucus that cause nasal and throat infection.


  • Always Wash hands and clean the pot before use.
  • Use boiled, distilled, sterile or filtered (filter pore size 1 micron or less) water.

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