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One Mukhi Rudra Ring

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One Mukhi Rudra Ring
Bead size: approx. 7mm
Silver used: approx. 10 gms

Product Name : One Mukhi Rudra Ring

Product Code : RST195

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One mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Mahadev Himself. Enlightens the Super Consciousness. Destroys all sins and leads one to liberation.

One mukhi rudraksha is Sakshat Siva swarupa. The wearer elevates in awareness and merges with the absolute consciousness of the divine. It is only with grace of Lord Shiva and divine karmas that a person gets to wear this rare bead. One who wears it surely goes to path of Moksha. This bead works on the Sahashara chakra to align oneself to Shiva . The wearer's mind begins to concentrate on the Supreme Element that is Partattva Dharana cha jayate Tatprakashnam thus the discoverers of Aatma Tattva must wear One Mukhi Rudraksha. This is the best of all Rudraksha for meditation and spiritual growth. The person who wears this has all worldly pleasures at his feet but remains unaffected by them.

On a physical level this bead cures headaches, migraines and nightmares.

Ruling God: Shiva
Mantra: Aum Hreem Namah.
Origin: Java
Ruling planet: All
Benefits: Spiritual enlightenment. Divine powers of manifestation.
Wearing Method: Please wear on left middle finger.

Bead size: approx. 7mm
Silver used: approx. 10 gms

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