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Soma - The Moon

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Soma - The Moon
Made in heavy brass

Product Name : Soma - The Moon

Product Code : NS10

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The Moon is also called SOMA, named after the intoxicating sacred drink used in Vedic sacrifice. Moon adores the head of Lord Siva. Sages and devotees invoke the Goddess Mother in Chandra and meditate for hours. Worship of Moon causes nightfall strengthens the mind, gives relief from all sorrows, helps in curing mental afflictions etc. Worshipping Chandra on Mondays is said to be very effective in getting one's prayers answered.

Mantra - Om som somaaya namaha.
Design - Made in heavy shining brass.
Height - 3 inches
Base - 1" (B) x 2.25"(L)
Weight - 300 gms

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