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Surya - The Sun - Large

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Surya - The Sun - Large

Product Name : Surya - The Sun - Large

Product Code : NSB30

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His radiance is just like the interior part of a lotus flower and he is mounted on the chariot pulled by seven horses. Sun is the source of life and is therefore described as the life-giver - PRANADHATA. He helps one gain his eyesight and SURYANAMASKAR (worship by prostration) will strengthen one's bones, cure illness, from from sins and bestows on him progeny, wealth, good-health and long life.

Mantra - Om ghrinih suryaya namaha.
Design - Made in heavy shining brass.
Height - 4.2 inches
Base - 3.25" (L) x 1.75"(B)
Weight - 700 gms.

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