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Trishul with damru in pure silver

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Trishul with damru in pure silver - Big
Height: 6.2 inches
Weight: 72 gms

Product Name : Trishul with damru in pure silver

Product Code : AST03

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This Trishul (trident) with a small motif of drum hanging by a loop is made using finest quality silver. The broad round base and sleek handle, helps the Trident stands firmly. The small trident with smooth and polished finish would make an elegant addition to your puja altar. Trident with Damru is one of the adornment or weapon of Lord Shiva. It represents the point where three main Nadis or energy channels meet, where the central point of Trident represents the Shushmana and other two represent the Ida and Pingala. Thus, it signifies freedom from all three types miseries and problems - physical, spiritual or ethereal.

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