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Vibhuti - Siddhanathan Sons

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Vibhuti - Siddhanathan Sons
Quantity: 125 gms

Product Name : Vibhuti - Siddhanathan Sons

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Vibhuti (Bhasma) "Bha" implies Bhartsana "to destroy" and "sma" implies smaranam "to remember". The application of Bhasma therefore signifies destruction of the evil and remembrance of the divine. Bhasma is called Vibhuti ("glory") as it gives glory to one who applies it and raksha (protection) as it protects the wearer from ill health and evil, by purifying him or her.

Bhasma is specially associated with Lord Shiva, and it is applied all over His idol / lingam. Devotees apply bhasma as a tripundra (the form of three lines) on the forehead.

Quantity: 125 gms

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