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Amber Oil

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Amber Oil - 10 ml

Product Name : Amber Oil

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Amber Oil is made from the resins of Amber tree which is semi-solid in nature. The resins and gums of the tree are then used to manufacture the Amber Oil. Amber Oil doesnt contain the natural aroma the tree has but it undergoes under slight manufacturing process. Amber Oil is a mixture of Beeswax, essential Oil and other carriers. Original resins should not contain artificial constituents, and any petroleum products.

Amber Oil was first extracted from Ambergris. Ambergris is the wax-like substance found floating on the ocean. On being refined, it holds a pleasant fragrance. It remained a mystery for long centuries. Later it has been discovered that Ambergris originates from the sperm of whale. Today Ambergris is very rare and expensive. Now many perfumists and specialists developed a new way to produce both natural and synthetic Amber resins at a reasonable cost without creating any danger to our wildlife and eco-system.


  • Amber Oil gives a soothing effect to heart and brain.

  • It can be used to cure ailments such as asthma, rheumatism and internal problems.

  • It provides amazing healing power in jaundice, kidney failure, and bladder issues.

  • Usage:
  • Mix few drops of oil in massage oil during body massage

  • Add few drops of oil in hot bath water during bath

  • Add few drops of oil in water and use in diffuser for lingering fragrance and relaxation

  • Rub on palms and inhale or apply on body parts for relief

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