Collector Eleven Mukhi from Nepal-LVI

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Collector Eleven Mukhi from Nepal - LVI
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Product Name : Collector Eleven Mukhi from Nepal-LVI

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11 mukhi is ruled by the 11 Rudras. According to ancient texts the fruit obtained after performing 1000 Ashavamedh Yagya and 100 Vajpaye Yagya is obtained by wearing this bead. Blesses wearer with high level of awareness, divine consciousness, wisdom, right judgment, control over all senses, powerful vocabulary, adventurous life, fearlessness and success. Very much sought after bead for meditation and sadhanas. This powerful bead pacifies malefics of all planets.

Benefits: Wisdom and self confidence. Aid to meditation.
Ruling God: The 11 Rudras
Ruling Planet: All

Origin: Nepal
Bead size: 32 mm

The exact bead shown in above picture would be sent to you.

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