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Geranium oil

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Geranium oil - 10 ml

Product Name : Geranium oil

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The Geranium shrub is a hairy perennial that is grown across the globe. You will often find it growing wild in the countryside, and it grows up to a meter in height. The leaves are pointed with serrated edges and the attractive flowers are pink or white color.

Geranium is native to South Africa but now it is cultivated in almost every part of world. The main producers of Geranium are Russia, Egypt, and Reunion. There are more than 700 varieties of cultivated geranium. In the ancient times, Egyptians used Geranium to treat tumors. Geranium was brought to Europe in the late 17th century and became famous during the Victorian Era.


  • Geranium Oil is used to adulterate rose Oil. It is often used to fragrance perfumes, soaps, creams, and cosmetics. Geranium Oil is also used as insect repellent and as a flavoring agent in food, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

  • Usage:

  • Mix few drops of oil in massage oil during body massage
  • Add few drops of oil in hot bath water during bath
  • Add few drops of oil in water and use in diffuser for lingering fragrance and relaxation
  • Rub on palms and inhale or apply on body parts for relief

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