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Ginger Grass Oil

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Ginger Grass Oil - 10 ml

Product Name : Ginger Grass Oil

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The perennial Ginger Grass is an herbaceous plant, which has long, elegant stems. Each of these has a terminal flowering top. It is a very fragrant grass and it is the grass itself that is the source of the essential Oil. The grass originated in France but there are now vast Ginger grass plains in North America.

Ginger grass was first distilled way back in the 18th century and its popularity has barely diminished. It was first used to improve circulation and blood flow and to eliminate stress. It is still used by aroma therapists to treat both these conditions.

Ginger Grass Oil helps in increasing the blood flow circulation.
It is helpful in calming and reduction of stress.
Ginger Grass Oil is also believed to be a mood uplifting, euphoric and aphrodisiac Oil.


  • Mix few drops of oil in massage oil during body massage
  • Add few drops of oil in hot bath water during bath
  • Add few drops of oil in water and use in diffuser for lingering fragrance and relaxation
  • Rub on palms and inhale or apply on body parts for relief

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