Kesar Ashtagandha Powder

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Kesar Ashtagandha Powder
Weight: 20 gms

Product Name : Kesar Ashtagandha Powder

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Kesar Ashtagandha is used during Puja ceremonies for applying on foreheads, rituals, bathing of Deity Idols, Yantras, Rudraksh Beads, Malas and Shaligram shilas.

Ashthagandha is a holy mixture of 8 different items: Golochan, Kapoor- Brass, Haldi, Kesar, Kapoor Kachli, Itra Muske Ambar; Naag Kesar, kumkum. Vedic talismans (yantras) are written on Bhojapatra or Onion skin with a special link.

This ink is made of Ashtagandha herbs, 24 karat gold dust and water from the Ganges.

It is said that the fragrance of Ashtagandha used to continuously emanate from Lord Krishna. Its fragrance is believed to attract Gods and get their blessings. It is a divine Sadhana article used in bathing Gods and for anointing energy objects.

Weight: 20 gms

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