Sphatik Diamond cut Mala in Silver

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Sphatik diamond cut mala in silver - 4mm - 108+1 beads
Bead size: 4mm
No. of beads: 108+1
Length: 34 inches

Product Name : Sphatik Diamond cut Mala in Silver

Product Code : SR20

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Origin: Himalayan valley

This mala is made using Sphatik (Crystals) stones brought straight from the ever-refreshing land of Himalayas. The pristine body of the stones along with their faceted surface redefines grace, beauty and charm. Mala is prepared in pure silver. Crystal is a natural gemstone and has power to retain the energy of mantra chanting. Crystals harmonize the aura around us and remove negative energy. 

Design: Super fine diamond cut sphatik mala made in silver wire for extra durability.

The gemstones in this mala are Lab certified as genuine, natural and unheated.

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